Videos of the conference

Welcome by Norbert Pachler (IOE)

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Katja Friedrich (

MyMobile: Education on the move – an overview of the project and its results

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Norbert Pachler (IOE) and Ben Bachmair (IOE)

Mobile learning: issues and perspectives

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Maria Ranieri (UNIFI) and Isabella Bruni (Media Educator)

Promoting (disadvantaged young) adults’ self-representation skills for job search through mobile storytelling

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Daniel Zils (

Connecting older learners in semi-rural areas: mobile learning scenarios from a cross-generational house in Germany

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Catherine Geeroms and Paul de Theux (Media Animation)

Sensitising educators and trainers to the opportunity of mobile learning

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Ben Bachmair (IOE)

Mobile portfolios as learning resources for at-risk learners

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Kevin Burden (Hull)

Handheld learning in North East Lincolnshire

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Maria Ranieri (UNIFI)

Mobile learning in adult education: lessons learnt and recommendations

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Concluding panel discussion moderated by Patrick Verniers (Media Animation)

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